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It is not strange to hear about recycling, it is already a normal habit for the Portuguese. But have you heard of Metal recycling?


In our day-to-day lives, without realizing it, metal is one of the materials we use the most, since we find it in packaging, threads and other products.

What few of us know, or prefer to ignore, is that it can and should be recycled, as this process does not change its characteristics. By recycling these materials, you will ensure that metallurgical companies for the most varied areas, continue to produce all the products of your daily life!


But after all, what is the importance of recycling metal?

In addition to its great impact for the protection of the environment, when we recycle it or buy already recycled metal, we prevent it from going to landfills or, in a worse scenario, to rivers and forests. These materials take more than 100 years to decompose, so if we choose to reuse or recycle them, we are reducing our footprint on our planet.

Another important fact is that many citizens make this recycling a way of entering the market, with entrepreneurships that are both profitable and beneficial both for those who sell and for those who buy.


How is the separation of metals done in the recycling process?

In the first phase of the metal recycling process, they are separated by types and characteristics. In this way, aluminum, copper, steel and iron go through different recycling processes.


How do I separate this type of material?

Metal products must be placed in the yellow recycling bin! Remove any residue you may have from other materials, such as paper or plastic. This attitude will help in the selective process of the workers who, daily, transport our old packages to a new life!


Which metals can I recycle?
  • Aluminum cans (soft drinks, beers, etc.) and steel (cans of sardines, pates, canned tomatoes, etc.);
  • Wires, nails and screws;
  • Metal wires;
  • Metal covers;
  • Metal tubes;
  • Pans without handles;
  • Wires;
  • Sheet metal;
  • Aluminum objects (windows, doors, gates, etc.);
  • Copper wires and objects;
  • Hardware;
  • Bottle caps;
  • Metal lids for yoghurt pots or other packaging;
  • Aluminum foil.


Did you know that many metal objects can give life to new packaging and products that can really improve your quality of life?

Nowadays, there are several objects made of metal that can replace elements of our daily lives and that help more sustainable practices and lifestyles.


Metal straws replacing plastic

Easy to use and clean, metal straws are an option to avoid the consumption of plastic straws. And you know what? As soon as you no longer need them, you can always recycle!


Metal Cups

Although you don’t have to choose them at home, you can always take them with you to work or on picnics, replacing the plastic cups that normally go to waste!


Metal Packaging

Ideal for preserving the temperature of your food, they have two important advantages: they are easy to clean and, if they fall, they won’t break! A great option for fragile glassware or for “non-degradable” plastic.


Did you know the importance of recycling metal and how much it can help us in everyday life? MVA supports this cause!

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