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Now that you know our new site, nothing better than getting to know us too… Discover the MVA!

Metalúrgica Vaz e Alves began its activities in 1998, dedicating itself to the rigorous and disciplined production of aluminum, stainless steel, Thermo-Lacagem and Anodization finishes.

With many years of experience, MVA is composed of three fronts: Management, Human Resources and Technical Resources. It is with the combination of all involved, that MVA has creased its business and base it in this market, which is increasingly demanding and competitive.

Thus, through the technical training of our employees, as well as with the use of top technological tools, we were able to produce finishes with recognized quality.

Also the raw materials used are key points in the success of our brand, contributing in much to the quality, elegance and sophistication of our products.

We have adequate infrastructure stemming from the construction of our work, which greatly contributes to the growing motivation of our collaborations.

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